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Cybersecurity, in practice, is about successfully managing risk to infrastructure, applications, services and data. This involves analyzing security requirements and determining the appropriate level of protection for systems and data while ensuring efficient network, business, and mission operations. Our engineers will perform the following phases to determine required cybersecurity hardware and software remedies in the most efficient manner:

  1. Assess the current security infrastructure and cybersecurity risk.
  2. Apply commercial products, services and expertise to address discovered vulnerabilities.
  3. Manage and administer cybersecurity resources for protection against that risk.

Vulnerability and Compliance Testing

Our engineers have extensive experience identifying potential security threats and in the remediation of internal and external vulnerabilities. We can assess the organization’s security compliance with regulations such as FISMA, DoD, DHS and other vital requirements. Our teams help develop, implement, and refine information security policies and procedures that adhere to industry standards and best practices. Elite Systems can help further integrate those procedures into real business practices.


Proactive Forensics

Proactive Forensics is an essential process in preventing attacks and vulnerabilities from ever becoming an issue. Elite Systems offers security experts, under contract, and through a select group of cybersecurity vendors and partners who can provide expert-level assistance. We provide a balanced combination from discreet analysis of products and services to proactively address potential threats to your enterprise resources. Our experts build and design systems using our customized framework to forensically Identify potential security issues, vulnerabilities, and other information attacks. Our solutions in recourse protection are all-encompassing with continuous monitoring and analysis of traffic data moving across enterprise networks to anticipate and neutralize threats before they cause any critical damage.

Boundary Protection

Elite Systems is an expert in providing “boundary protection” of enterprise resources. Using a myriad of different practices to help mitigate threats from even entering your enterprise network to protect your assets and data. Elite Systems provides custom-built products and expert personnel to help increase enterprise security at the boundary of the network. Services provided in this segment of the enterprise security include administration and support of these components:

  • Firewalls and switch/router ACLs
  • Load balancers
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Mail relays and proxy servers
  • Web filtering products
  • SMTP monitoring
  • Centralized anti-virus

Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial control systems are vulnerable to disruption from internal cyber incidents caused by software and device failures or human errors. In addition, cyber attacks to steal proprietary information, disrupt operations, gather system data or cause embarrassment are on the rise.

To counter these risks the best practices of Defense in Depth and Zones and Conduits (IEC 62443) are needed. Elite Systems has solutions from Belden and Cisco that deliver the functionality needed to implement these best practices and ensure the safety, resiliency and reliability of your system.