We have experts to DESIGN solutions

Elite Systems DESIGN framework aims on cost-efficient solutions that exceed specifications to move technology to its next level. As a reseller of hardware to software partner, our teams approach products using Design Great Experience and Internet of Things principals. This includes documentation in multiple formats created by technical writers and training experts. DESIGN project management includes communicating to business units with concise and understandable reporting metrics.



We streamline to INTEGRATE services

Elite Systems INTEGRATE framework researches and analyzes system environments and application utilization to prevent and minimize inefficiency and redundancy. Our extensive product and service portfolio allows us to be “vendor independent” and provide our customers with optimal services and products for business requirements, situational objectives, and funding allocation. INTEGRATE data security to embed application and database firewalls with our cybersecurity service.



We fine tune to OPTMIZE resources

Elite Systems OPTIMIZE framework provides system performance testing, cyber-security analysis, and full-service maintenance for components in your IT infrastructure. Our in depth reviews improve computing speeds and network performance to extend hardware life expectancy. This includes data backup and disaster recovery using cloud and storage networks. OPTIMIZE demand management and capacity planning results in optimal scalability for a balanced technology budget and resources.

Elite Systems consulting improves your systems and application experience with enhanced design and security to streamline maintenance and support. Our successful results provide improved efficiency and technology cost savings with solutions in focused on the vertical diverse markets for nonprofits, government, hospitality, security, financial and healthcare.


    Our core service are consultants in technology fields government needs to improve big data, applications and networks. Elite Systems can quickly onboard contract experts.


    We are a Cisco Select Partner for purchasing data security solutions to protect against cyberthreats. Elite Systems plans security strategies to deploy infrastructure protection.


    Planning networks, big data storage, and enterprise data centers are key for integrated net solutions. Elite Systems can help improve network availability, performance, and costs.


    Providing an extensive pool of DGE developers to create practical mobile device design and applications. Elite Systems uses best practice for code review and source repositories.


    Optimize your mobile network capabilities with deep testing to streamline benchmarks. Turn your network test data into actionable insights to improve user experience.


    The most cost-effective approach to web testing enables simulation of global traffic running local or cloud platforms. Elite Systems will manage cloud migration with deployment.

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