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How robust is your TELECOMMunications network?

Assess your wireless capabilities with a hotspot assessment to ensure your wireless service has full robust coverage for your current customer base, is reliable in the case of an emergency, and meets government regulations. We test the strength and telemetry of your wireless network to identifying problem areas, the limits of coverage, and how your network compares to competitors. Our unique approach not only includes testing the coverage and quality of your wireless voice and data services on main roads and highways, but we’ve also pioneered the use of drones to be able to cover remote and damaged areas that are inaccessible to vehicles. Our team of experts scout the region to assess the current state of your service through a variety of data collection and validation devices.


Drone Capabilities and Applications
Assess terrain and structures in regions inaccessible by ground vehicles.

Establish flight plans that assess the entirety of mobile network coverage.

Ideal aerial video for both rural environments and post natural disaster areas.

Wireless Benchmark Features
Site shakedowns and PCI testing
Drive and continuous wave testing
Electromagnetic energy and MPE
Greenbook and crossover analysis
RF network transmission design
ATOLL design and modifications
DAS and iBWave solutions
EME RoofMaster and RoofView
Wireless Benchmark Benefits
Optimization of network and coverage
In-building and grid testing
Regulatory telecommunication filings
Ensuring you have a robust coverage
Identifying competitors and problem areas
Assess disaster areas for public safety
Identify what resources are needed
Get a damaged region back to its normal stability

Wireless Benchmark Use Case

After the devastating string of hurricanes in September 2017, Elite Systems was contracted by the US government to independently verify the coverage and quality of the wireless services for voice and data. This covered all the commercially available carriers in Puerto Rico and two US Virgin Islands. To start, a team of scouts were dispatched in the region to assess the current status of service. Next, Technical Drive-Tester and RF engineers drove SUVs equipped with laptops, proprietary data mapping systems to navigate the devastated island infrastructure. Road maps were developed to ensure drive teams mapped a comprehensive coverage for three islands to be collected.


Wireless Benchmark ReportWith trees down, roads and bridges washed away, we had to adapt our surveying and data collection process. We worked with the San Diego State University to build a prototype program to map fly by regions and flight simulation to cover the largest areas with every flight. Drones were equipped with InfoVisa TEMSPocket Investigation software to assess the areas inaccessible by our ground vehicles. In 40 days of continuous testing, over 6,800 miles were driven and 20 drone flights flown to were compiled into complete and comprehensive reports. View mobile report sample here.

Benchmark Report Deliverables
1. Unique identifiers and operational parameters of the wireless network.
2. Performance indicators for coverage and capacity of voice and broadband data.
2. Active testing results for speed and quality of broadband data and cellular connection.

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